Natalie Sorrentino began creating art when she was a child as a way to express herself and tell her story when words just wouldn’t do. She knew early on that art was a profound channel for sharing the human experience and connecting us with what’s within ourselves and what we share with those around us. It’s one of the best ways to unlock our potential. Years later, her childhood passion bloomed into a profound sense of purpose. She received her BA in Art Therapy from Alverno College and has more than 15 years of experience creating spirit-led curricula and leading healing art groups in a variety of community settings. As The Gnat, she shares her childlike wonder in her whimsical, color-drenched paintings that find their home on greeting cards, in magazines, and as illustrations in children’s books. Through Natalie’s therapeutic work and personal art, she creates a safe place for people of all ages to find their voice, be their own narrators, and tell their stories. No matter the darkness you meet on your journey, Natalie’s art lets in the light. Wherever Natalie’s work finds you in your world, whether exploring your emotions through process-oriented self-expression or sending words of love in a birthday card, she can’t wait to see what stories you tell.
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